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For those in the know & those that ain't, well I'm um, working. Left me old company to go and work for Maxiprest tyres again, better money & much better conditions. But unfortunetely it's taking up alot of me time, so the writing is going a bit slow at this time. But needless to say I'm full of plans, as I've always been. But for now I'll just keep that to me-self. Look at this below, geuss the Crows have quite a bit of an influence. - GG


If I was ready, would it be pain that you bring,

To dissapear through this sort of thing,

with the light on in your room,

to stay awake, before you fall,

But who shall be there, to catch me before I hit the ground,

Just a little bit at a time,

I break free from the hold, you still got on me,

Life might look perfect from the outside,

But this building have no foundation,

coz, it's swept away by every thought of you,

But there's reason to believe, it might get better,

And if I could be forgiven, as I wish you would,

We might climb the mountain, or go to the zoo,

Or maybe, just maybe listen to some U2,

If we talk would it hurt,

Have those feelings passed or do they remain,

Just a little bit at a time,

I break free, from the hold you got on me.


Touching the face of forgiveness, All though so many days have passed, today is just another day, of thoughts drifting away and the past might be forgotten, but yet it feels like, yesterday have played over within my mind and if I lose control, only you would know, how to bring me back to now, were we once were & if I stand next to the ocean, would I be washed away or shall I just see that my wings have been taken away, the day you stepped away.

20/07/04 - GG

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